Reviews: Canon PowerShot A3000 IS sale: 170 USD OFF, Canon PowerShot A3000IS

Reviews: Canon PowerShot A3000 IS sale. 10 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD

Canon PowerShot A3000 IS
Sale: $170.99 (68%) OFF at

  • 10.0 megapixels, 4x optical zoom, and built-in Optical Image Stabilizer
  • Lithium-ion battery makes the camera lighter and offers an easy alternative to recharge
  • New scene modes, including Super Vivid and Poster Effect; Smart Auto selects from 18 predefined shooting situations
  • Large, bright 2.7-inch LCD
  • Capture images to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)

Canon PowerShot A3000IS Reviews:

By 35-year Technology Consumer "8-tracks to 802.11" (Mid Atlantic, USA)

Canon PowerShot A3000IS 10 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD (Electronics)
With the current Amazon sales price, you can't hardly go wrong with this point and shoot.

Depending on how you count, the A3000 IS offers up to 18 separate shooting modes, including video recording (.avi format). The 2.7 inch LED display screen is bright and viewable in even in direct sunlight. This camera is light and generally intuitive to operate. Still image quality was fine, and will provide enough resolution to print to 8" x 10" without loss of fidelity (the online description claims 13" x 9", but I could not test that large with my printer). Video is standard definition, and when used indoor, you can expect significant noise/graininess in the .avi output files. This still may be preferable to carrying a second video capture device if video is not your primary interest.

I did not install the included utility software that came with camera. Two separate Windows 7 machines (a latptop and desktop) immediately recognized it, and I was able to transfer and delete images and videos without removing the SD card. The user guide indicates that video transfer, metadata and image orientation can all experience difficulty if the Canon software isn't used, but I experienced none of these.

I didn't discover any show-stopping issues with this camera, and at the current discounted price, it's an excellent value. Why 4 stars? Three main reasons:
(1) No included user guide. You must either copy this (.pdf file) from the utility CD or download from Canon's site. Sorry: a printed full user guide should ship with the camera. And, the .pdf version should have included color (present only to differentiate labels for the two models of camera the guide is written for).
(2) No SD memory card included. I'm lucky to have some extras around. If you gave this as a gift to somebody without one...the joy would be delayed until the next trip to a brick and mortar store. Even if it were a low capacity one, a memory card should have shipped with camera.
(3) Proprietary form factor battery charger. Going on the road? Make sure you take it with you. While I'm sure this was a choice made to accommodate the camera's thin profile, the use of CRV or AA batteries would have been more user-friendly. The user manual indicates it will take approximately 230 pictures between charges. If you're taking a lot...that's not going to get through many shooting sessions. Aftermarket batteries are available on Amazon for less than 10 bucks; you might want to consider buying one or two and keeping them charged.


By H. kim "newamazonfan" (nyc, usa)

Canon PowerShot A3000IS 10 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD (Electronics)
Got the camera one week ago and already had one problem. After taking about 200 pics (for work indoors), the camera stopped working. The screen went white and could not take any more pics. Took out the battery and hoped this would reset the camera but nothing. Was on the way home to return the camera and decided to try one more time to see if it works. It started up and for the past 4 days, no problems. I am debating whether to return or not so I am keeping the box and all packaging in case it happens again. The pics don't look great on the camera screen but when I downloaded them onto my computer, the pics were fine. I am not a professional and for $150, the quality of the pics are more than good enough. Praying the problem was a one time glitch.... If it does break down, I will definitely let everyone know so they will be aware of this issue.


By Ricky
Review: Canon PowerShot A3000IS 10 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD (Electronics)
This ultra light weight digital camera has anything you would ever want for every day digital photography. It is light-weight,slim, has features that other digital camera's do not have such as auto red eye correction when taking pictures.

The camera has an amazing macro-focus so than digital pictures look more professional, an addition to that the camera is pretty easy to use, like all cameras, it comes with a usb, strap, and sometimes with a bag.

I have been through at least 4 cameras. This would have to be the best through them all. In order I went through kodak,sony, cannon, and this is the camera I am on. If you have red eye in all of your pictures like I do. I would recommend this camera for you since it corrects it once you have taken the picture.


By HappyME "Hold fast that which is good... (Maine USA)
Canon PowerShot A3000IS 10 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD (Electronics)
Okay for the price... This is a rather nice little point-and-shoot and an decent value. BUT! There just is no excuse for not having a view finder. I know the low end p&s cameras don't any more but they should. I found I could adjust to shooting indoors and in high definition settings. But outdoors with a nondescript background, I can't find my subject. It's hit or miss on getting those shots and I hate that.

I do like the image stabilization and lithium battery. My previous camera for this application took super shots and had excellent image stabilization. But it was an "A" model that required AA batteries. Not only was it heavy but it was constantly "hungry".

I would keep this except that even being a good deal, it's money I feel I've wasted. If I can't use the camera for all-around casual work, it's just not a bargain at all.

If, at some point, I can afford a small Canon camera that does have a view finder, I'll certainly take a close look. Meanwhile, I'll stick with my A570 and lesson learned.

Canon PowerShot A3000 IS Sale: $170.99 (68%) OFF at

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Anonymous said...

Canon PowerShot A3000IS 10 MP appareil photo numérique avec 4x image optique stabilisé Zoom et 2.7 pouces LCD (Electronique)
Bon pour le prix ... C'est un assez joli petit point-and-shoot et une valeur décent. MAIS! Il ya juste aucune excuse pour ne pas avoir un viseur. Je sais que les caméras du bas p et ne font pas plus que ce qu'ils devraient. Je trouvais que le ajuster à la prise de vue à l'intérieur et dans les milieux de haute définition. Mais à l'extérieur avec un fond quelconque, je ne peux pas trouver mon sujet. C'est tout ou rien sur l'obtention de ces coups de feu et je déteste ça.

Je fais comme la stabilisation d'image et la batterie au lithium. Mon appareil photo précédente pour cette application a pris des photos super et il y avait une excellente stabilisation d'image. Mais il était un modèle «A» qui exigeait piles AA. Non seulement il était lourd, mais il était constamment "faim".

Je voudrais garder cette exception que, même étant une bonne affaire, c'est de l'argent, je sens que j'ai perdu. Si je ne peux pas utiliser l'appareil photo pour tout type de travaux occasionnels, il n'est tout simplement pas une bonne affaire à tous.

Si, à un moment donné, je peux me permettre un petit appareil photo Canon qui a un viseur, je vais certainement regarder de près. En attendant, je vais rester avec mon A570 et des leçons tirées.

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