Canon Powershot SX10 IS REVIEWS, 11% Sale Powershot SX10IS

Canon Powershot SX10 IS 10MP Digital Camera REVIEWS, Powershot SX10IS on Sale

Save: $45.04 (11%)

  • 10.0-megapixel resolution for high-quality printing and flexibility when editing
  • 20x optical zoom, wide-angle lens and Optical Image Stabilizer; improved speed and quiet zooming
  • 2.5-inch Vari-angle LCD; DIGIC 4 Image Processor improves Face Detection
  • MovieSnap mode lets you capture high-resolution still images while shooting a movie
  • Capture images to SD/SDHC memory cards

Canon Powershot SX10 IS REVIEWS:

By N. Phillips (Bismarck, ND USA)
I purchased the SX10IS because I really liked my S3IS but I wanted the 10MP so that I could print out large high quality prints of my wildlife pictures. I haven't had a lot of time to test the camera out, but one thing that I have found that I really am disappointed with is the new video format. The old AVI format is much more compatible with my programs then the new MOV format. Also, the SX10 only offers two video qualities, both at 30 fps. The S3 offered 5 different video capture settings. I made full use of the video mode on my S3, so I was really upset to see the changes.

The 20X optical is really nice, unless you need more zoom, because you are not able to attach a telephoto lens. I have a telephoto lens that attaches to my S3 which really gives me the extra zoom that I wanted (about 36X optical), however it needs a lot of light to produce good pictures and takes up a lot of room in my camera case. The SX10 does have threads that accept a 52mm UV filter or polarized filter, even though canon won't admit it. It is bigger and heavier than the S3, but not enough to cause problems. Both the S3 and the SX10 auto modes are a let down in low light conditions, however for the amateur wildlife photographer the auto modes will allow you to quickly take good quality pictures without any adjustment from the user. In low light conditions a tripod and manual camera adjustment are a must to get good pictures.

Conclusion: For the $$$ it appears to be a good buy for 20X 10MP camera. I would have liked to see the same video settings as the S3, especially the lower resolution 60 fps option and the cameras auto focus doesn't do as well at full zoom as expected. Maybe I should have waited for the SX1 to get down to a reasonable price, or just purchased the S5IS.

By Robert George-Johannes Tactius "to_glow" (Rainier, Oregon)
The Powershot SX10 IS is the best overall camera you can purchase for the money. Money saving features are as follows: AA batteries, SD Card, 28mm to 560mm lens. Batteries are a big thing. Rechargeables will not last forever, they wear even if you aren't using them. When you need batteries, at the last minute, you can use Alkaline AA. For your typical tourist activities the lens will be more than enough. The SD cards are the cheapest around.

The one additional feature Canon Powershot SX10 has is the menu/picture review screen. The screen works much like the screens on Digital Camcorders. It allows moving the camera overhead and around corners or is just convenient for use when taking self-portraits on a timer. You can rotate the screen around to point in the same direction as the lens.

No other camera, other than the SX1 IS w/CMOS, combines all these features. Since the SX1 IS is currently only being sold in Europe and Asia, at the time of this review, and any warranty work would be problematic this leaves out this camera. It's an extra $300-$400 extra the same price as a SLR, but you still have AA batteries and SD card.

The picture quality is great, the addition of full manual control, VHS quality video and a High Speed ISO makes this camera a great buy and a bargain.

By Bill Taylor "BillT4" (San Francisco, CA USA)
I purchased the Canon PowerShot SX10IS shortly before our vacation last month and I had a lot of fun learning its features during our trip and took many, many pictures and lots of video. I am not a camera expert nor a big photo person but I found the camera easy to use (reading the manual from time to time was important). I especially liked the ability to zoom in and out while taking video. I would recommend the camera, great value for the price, but it does have a couple deficiencies and an ease-of-use problem that need correction. I hope you are listening, Canon.

First, the lens cap will not stay on. We finally gave up and did without it, which probably limits the camera's life.

Second, the battery life is limited. During those days when I used the camera alot, I ran through a set of four alkaline AA batteries in one day. Be sure to have lots of extra batteries on hand! (Especially of you review your pictures at the end of the day, this seems to eat up lots of energy, so we stopped doing that.)

Third, as other reviewers have noted, the control knob is difficult to learn how to use. Thankfully one of the other reviewers on Amazon gave me some insight. I am now able to adjust shutter speed, aperture, etc.

Overall I love using Canon Powershot SX10.
R. Baker "Pete" (Florida)
After having never owned anything other than a point and shoot digital, I decided to upgrade. I received my Canon Powershot SX10 a few days after Thanksgiving and have really enjoyed its options and possibilities. Although I've had some foopaas, which was not the equipment, but the operator, I've gotten mostly positive results. Of course, I'm still learning and practicing.

The zoom power is what I was looking for - its great. I find the handling of the camera comfortable and easy. I have been using a tripod for some shots which gives it great stability for portraits and nature shots. I took it to a Hank Williams concert and only got blurs. I think I need a bit more practice and understanding of the operation of this camera. If you are just stepping up to a better quality camera with more possibilities than a point and shoot, I recommend this one.

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Anonymous said...

J'ai acheté le Canon PowerShot SX10IS peu de temps avant nos vacances le mois dernier et j'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à apprendre ses fonctions au cours de notre voyage et a pris de nombreuses photos et beaucoup de vidéo. Je ne suis pas un expert de la caméra, ni une grande personne de photo mais j'ai trouvé l'appareil photo facile à utiliser (lire le manuel de temps à autre est important). J'ai particulièrement apprécié la possibilité de zoomer dans et hors tout en vidéo. Je recommande la caméra, une grande valeur pour le prix, mais elle a quelques lacunes et un problème de facilité d'utilisation qui ont besoin de correction. J'espère que vous écoutez, Canon.

Tout d'abord, le capuchon de l'objectif ne sera pas rester. Nous avons finalement renoncé et fait sans elle, ce qui limite probablement la vie de l'appareil photo.

Deuxièmement, la durée de vie de la batterie est limitée. Au cours de ces jours où j'ai utilisé la beaucoup de la caméra, j'ai couru à travers un ensemble de quatre piles AA alcalines en une seule journée. Assurez-vous d'avoir beaucoup de piles de rechange à portée de main! (Surtout de vous revoir vos photos à la fin de la journée, ce qui semble manger beaucoup d'énergie, donc nous nous sommes arrêtés le faire.)

Troisièmement, comme d'autres commentateurs l'ont noté, le bouton de commande est difficile d'apprendre à utiliser. Heureusement l'un des autres critiques sur Amazon m'a donné une idée. Je suis maintenant en mesure de régler la vitesse d'obturation, l'ouverture, etc

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