Vacuums Sale Reviews: Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac: Sale 42%

Vacuums sale, reviews: Hoover F5914 -900 SteamVac Clean Surge

Save: $104.99 (42%)

  • Powerful 12-amp motor; deep cleans with hot tap water and carpet solution
  • Five spinning/scrubbing brushes clean carpets, upholstery, bare floors
  • Clean Surge feature gives extra burst of cleaning solution for spots or stains
  • Two water tanks separate clean from dirty water
  • Brush rotation indicator; 8-foot hose; 1-year warranty

Hoover F5914 REVIEWS:

By B. Ederer (Russellville, AR USA) - The SteamVac by Hoover is a decent quality consumer grade product that does what it says it will do. It sprays liquid into your carpet, swirls it around a bit, and sucks most of it back up, along with the dirt and grime your vac won't pick up. It's shipped with a few parts that are easy to assemble, and a small quantity of shampoo...Enough for a couple of average cleanings. I've owned a Bissell Pro-heat Steam Vac that worked for several years and did an adequate job...but when it quit working, I was told it would be cheaper to buy a new machine than try to fix it. This time I bought Hoover F5914-900. The Hoover is a bit easier to fill, empty, and a little easier to push around. They both seemed to work about the same as far as cleaning the carpet.

What I like about the Hoover: It's cheaper than the Bissell..a little quieter, and it has five brushes that turn laterally unlike the Bissel, which uses a roller brush. The Hoover has you mixing the soap solution into the fresh hot water, whereas the Bissell had a separate chamber to fill with soap. It was possible with the Bissell to run out of soap before you ran out of water, or vice versa...Not an issue with the Hoover. It also seems that the solution goes a little further with the Hoover, making it more economical to use.

What I would change: The cord could be a few feet longer. The power switch is a small plastic foot switch on the right side. It's flimsy and too small. It looks identical to the handle release switch on the left side...which is also too small.

Overall, after using the machine, I can say I am happy with the way it cleans...and the suction is very good, as you seem to recover almost all the water you dispense (making for a quick drying time)...The machine is easy to empty, and with the amount of dirty water clearly evident, it works well. I highly recommend the Hoover SteamVac...for routine home carpet maintenance.


By JM "reinoco" (Florida, US) - Amazing is the best word to describe how Hoover F5914-900 sucked so much dirt from my carpet. A year ago before I moved here they had just added new carpets and padding so I bought a very good vacuum in order to keep them clean. This seemed to work fine I thought until I used this SteamVac and saw how much dirty water was picked up in the container. Keep in mind that this is not the same as having a professional come and clean your carpets but it's still good enough with constant use to prevent really messed up carpets.

1. Sucked a lot of dirt from the carpet
2. The attachment worked great on my car floor mats
3. Great if you have pets
4. Easy to put together and use
5. Even though it's not a real steamer it still works great

1. A bit heavy for my wife
2. Constant need to refill with more water
3. Not a real steamer (but it still does a great job)
4. Hard floor attachment is sold separately


By C. Meek (Hayward, WI United States) - After years of renting Rug Doctors, we decided to buy our own carpet cleaner. We were also motivated by having two dogs who bring too much of the yard with them on our off-white carpets when they come in from playing. Also one of them is a puppy, who thought it convenient to pee on the carpet a few times. After reading other reviews, we selected the Hoover F5914-900.

We wash the living area carpets about once a month and have already spent less on the Hoover then we would have by renting a cleaner. The carpets are as clean as with a bigger Rug Doctor. We have found that going over an area with just hot water after cleaning it with the detergent helps keep the carpet clean for a longer period of time. We are very happy with our Hoover. It is fairly light, easy to fill and empty, and easy to clean both the tanks and the brushes. As other people have commented, the attachment hose tends to fall off, so we just leave it off. Otherwise, it's a heck of a deal!


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Anonymous said...

1. chupado un montón de suciedad de la alfombra
2. El apego trabajó muy bien en mis tapetes de coche
3. estupendo si tienes mascotas
4. Fácil de armar y usar
5. A pesar de que no es un vapor reales todavía funciona muy bien

1. un poco pesado para mi esposa
2. necesidad constante para volver a llenar con más agua
3. No es un barco de vapor real (pero todavía hace un gran trabajo)
4. fijación al suelo duro se vende por separado

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