Hoover U5140-900 reviews, 32% Sale: Hoover U5140-900, Vacuums sale

Hoover U5140-900 reviews, Hoover U5140-900 Vacuums sale

Save: $31.99 (32%)

  • Headlight illuminates cleaning path
  • Powerful 12-amp motor; 15-inch cleaning width
  • Allergen filtration system captures dust mites, ragweed, common pollens
  • Check-bag indicator, easy-open bag door
  • Onboard dusting brush, furniture nozzle, crevice tool, 2 extension wands; 1-year warranty
Consumer Reviews:

By New Mommy (Roanoke, VA) q3d4kthm9c
Our 30+ year old Hoover bit the dust, so to speak, at an inoportune time. We invested in this guy until we could afford a more elaborate/expensive model. Having owned Hoover U5140-900 for 6 months or so now, I have not had any problems with it. It runs like a dream. The suction is fantastic. It cleans better than our old Hoover ever hoped to. The cord is good and long. I can typically get about 2/3 of our 30 foot living room done without having to unplug and replug the cord. And I love how easy the attachments are to get to and "install."

I do notice that I have to run it slowly on our bare floors. If not, it will occasionally kick larger pieces of debris back at me. And with a 3 year old in the house, there is often much debris. Yes, it's a noisy little bugger. But no noisier than our old Hoover.

I do not like that the beater bar runs while using the attachments and that the attachment hose is so short. Those are the two things that prevent me from giving Hoover U5140-900 5 stars.

By Otis Cohodes (North)
This is an excellent vacuum for *carpeting*. Hoover U5140-900 has possibly the best vacuum action of any model or brand. However, because of its tremendous suction and not being self propelled, the unit may be a bit too much for some users because of the slight extra effort needed to move around. Pulling backward is a bit harder than moving the vacuum forward. This may not be a good choice for individuals who already have difficulty manuveuring a vacuum. I find it very easy to move around and I think most others will also.

On *bare floors*, this machine is fair at best. It will suck up well but it tends to scatter some debris because of the rotating brush. Hoover U5140-900 is not designed well for bare floor cleaning. I accept it because of the excellent carpet cleaning. Cleaning the bare floors is not so bad. It just takes some extra time to go back over the areas that need it.

The on-board attachments; limited cleaning functionality. The hose is short which limits your reach. A hose extension would solve this limitation. Otherwise, all the needed basic attachments are right there on the vacuum.

The vacuum is lightweight and requires an inexpensive, common type "Y" vac bag. It has a gauge to indicate how full the bag is and to assess the vacuum action. An adjustable height control on the front base of the machine requiring hand adjustment. Some reviewers fault it for a short cord but I do not. It certainly is not longer than the average. This is a non-issue with me.

Hoover U5140-900 deserves a 6 star rating for carpet cleaning but it does have limitations in other areas. My carpets have been revived by using this machine. It's vac action pulls up the carpet fibers, releasing any dirt lodged beneath and between the fibers. When done, the carpeting looks nearly as if it was recently installed. The initial first 3-4 vacuumings (500 sq. ft.) filled up 2 different bags. Not that we have a dirty house, but what the previous vac didn't get (which is a good vac also). I have been totally amazed how well this machine cleans a carpet.

I purchased Hoover U5140-900 on Amazon and believe I got an excellent bargain. Have plenty of vac bags on hand if you decide to purchase it.
By boz kurt "veezy.com" (Seattle)
What can I say? Not a high-end, well-constructed product, as other reviewers have noted, but Hoover U5140-900 does what it says it does and does it well. I have used canister vacs for years because of all my small area carpets and throw rugs, and have generally kept a very short loop carpet under them. When I moved, all I could find to put under my area rugs that I could get installed in my new place in time was a short wool pile. After pulling up the old loop carpet upon moving out and seeing all the fine dirt that had sifted through, I just knew that a canister wasn't going to do the trick here, especially with all that wool carpets shed. I bought this vacuum to get up all the dirt through the longer pile and get up all the shedded fibers I knew my new carpet was going to produce. Yes, the bags do fill up quickly, especially if you have a new carpet like I do. But that is exactly what I bought this cleaner for. Would those of you who complain about the bags filling up too quickly really rather have all that filth and/or lint in a vacuum bag or on your floors??!! Hoover U5140-900 has all the suction one could want and then some. It filled up one bag per cleaning for the first several vacuum sessions (for about 200 sq ft of carpet), but has now slowed down to one bag per two vacuums. (I ordered lots of extra bags when I ordered the vacuum, and recommend others do the same!) My carpet looks spectacular after every vacuum. Despite owning four indoor dogs!

I do not find that the edge cleaner is a stellar performer, but I still have my canister for that. I don't find, as other reviewers have, that this is a heavy cleaner. It is easy for me to carry around, easy to maneuver, and virtually propels itself. Hoover U5140-900 fits under all but my lowest furniture, and the light is a tremendous help under the bed. Although the suction power is enormous, if you follow instructions and tilt it back at the edges of area rugs, you won't have a problem. You must still, however, exercise extreme caution around fringes, wires, and other objects that might tear off or become entangled in the rotator brush. Knock on wood, my cleaner hasn't eaten anything it shouldn't yet. But I am sure it will if I give it a chance!

As for the several reviewers who have complained about the cord getting in the way, they should read the instructions as well, and clip the cord to the little clip near the handle. The cord won't get in the way at all then! However, just when I was going to say I didn't have any problems with the cover falling off, mine did. It stays on well enough, however, and if there comes a time when it doesn't, I'll just tape it on like one other reviewer does. I see the complaints about attachment use, but can't comment, as I use my canister for those chores, which makes much more sense.

Basing my review on quality and construction, I have to give this product 4 stars. However, based on value for the dollar, Hoover U5140-900 certainly deserves 5. I paid more for my old canister 9 years ago, and paid even more for its used replacement, in which I am sorely disappointed, a few months ago. If this vacuum lasts two years or more, I am sure it would have to go to 5 stars, no matter what.

Hoover U5140-900 reviews, Hoover U5140-900 Vacuums sale

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