HP KQ 246 AA Reviews, Webcam Sale 51%, HP KQ246AA 8.0MP

HP KQ 246 AA Reviews, Webcam Sale $25.59 (51%), HP KQ246AA 8.0MP

Up to 8-Megapixel still image capture with software interpolation.

1.3-Megapixel sensor with Autofocus in a small form factor webcam.
Certified high-speed USB 2.0: take full advantage of your broadband access and enjoy up to 30 frames per second for smooth and natural body motion.

Integrated wide angle microphone capture your voice from any position.
Tilt and Pan: easily adjust your webcam to let you show what you want while maintaining a stable connection to your monitor.


L. Mulkern (Portland, OR United States)
This is a great value if you want to communicate with friends and family, but if you are looking to make videos to post on youtube or something I suggest finding a webcam with better picture quality, because it's no better than the basic built-in webcams that laptops are now coming with.

Picture quality is decent, but it comes out very grainy. Don't be fooled by the "8 megapixels", quality doesn't improve with higher resolution, the pictures are just a bigger size. The video is always VGA quality (460x680), and pictures I've taken with higher resolution are still very grainy.

The software is easy to install, doesn't slow down my computer at all, and has some fun features and add-ons. you can adjust the color balance, saturation, contrast, etc, and also broadcast seasonal frames or put your head on funny characters.

The camera itself kind of balances on the top of my screen. At first I wanted to return it but after learning how to adjust it to fit on my screen I decided it was ok to keep. I wish it clipped on so was more secure, but as long as the laptop is stationary, the camera stays in place. It's trickier to use when I have the computer on my lap and I'm moving it around (so that's a minus on the portability factor). I like that the camera can pan around both up and down and side to side. The built-in mic works well.

I use this with Skype on a 3yr old Toshiba laptop w/ Windows XP daily, and I think it's at an excellent price through Amazon right now. Due to the less than perfect picture quality and the fact that the camera stand doesn't stay secure, I'm rating it four stars
Mr Mac "Caller" (Virginia USA)
I use this until with my XP Home Edition LT. The camera works as advertised. I haven't had any problems with it. I think the software is awful and really doesn't do anything to control the unit. XP Home will reject it occasionally as an unknown even though it was working fine before the last shut down. I haven't had any mounting problems on my LT although the cord is a little stiff. It works well with Skype. I'm thinking it's more AIM software than this unit for it's really jerky using AIM. The built in Mic works great! If you're using it to talk to friends and family, I don't think you can beat it for the price. I would recommend it for that purpose.
E. Estrada "Single Dad of 4" (Peoria, AZ)

This is my first webcam for home use. I bought it for 2 reasons. One I have a HP computer, monitor and speakers--so it all matches and it fits perfectly on my monitor. Two it has a built in micro phone. All of it made sweeter because it was the best price of other products in the same catagory.

As for picture quality, we have direct 100 Mbps internet line at work to transmit and the quality of the picture (including choppiness) is the same and work has top of the line vidcams.

Since it was my first webcam I had to figure out how to get link with the internet, but that's common when you get a new piece of hardware. It took me about half an hour to get it to work and then chatted with my friend in another state. Picture quality and sound quality is good.

I have windows Vista, so I get the warning window saying HP application for the webcam is not operating when I log in to my account for the first time after computer is turned on for the day, but that is the only negative I have to say. You can turn on this webcam from the buttons on top of the unit so you don't have to have desktop icons if you don't want them.

The unit has a motion detector. I guess that is for keeping tabs on your children, nanny, house keeper, or cleaning service without them knowing. But as a security cam it would be useless--the thief that broke into your home will steal the recording unit hard drive, your computer! Ha Ha! My home was broken into last year and the computer I am writing this review on is an insurance replacement--having your home broken into sucks..so I can kid and laugh about!

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