Reviews: Bluetooth Headset: Plantronics Voyager 510, Sale: 63% off

Bluetooth Headset: Plantronics Voyager 510, Bluetooth Headset Sale: 63% off

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  • Windsmart Technology allows you to seamlessly switch between two Bluetooth® devices
  • Noise-canceling microphone for superior sound quality
  • Up to 6 hours talk time and up to 100 hours standby time
  • One-touch call answer/end, last number redial and voice activated dialing
  • Compatible with Bluetooth devices supporting the headset or hands-free profile

Review By Doug (Salem, OR USA) - I use this headset with a Blackberry 7100. Overall it is a good headset. Although not louder than other headsets, having earpieces that partially insert in the ear canal makes the volume more effective. The mic picks up your voice well while screening background noise pretty effectively. However, the mic is very sensitive to wind noise...we're talking slight breeze here. The foam cover helps a little bit, but not enough. This makes it difficult to use outside. I typically have to duck into the nearest building when I'm trying to talk on the sidewalk.

The fit is good, although it is a two handed task getting it on correctly. Glasses interfere with the fit due to the over-the-ear design, so it takes a little work to get the two to cooperate...usually moving the temple arm of your glasses up out of the way, seating the headset and then putting the temple arm back on your ear in a not-so-comfortable position.
It has a descent set of controls, but unfortunately they're not always user friendly.

As other reviewers point out, the connect/disconnect button is at the center of the ear piece at the base of the mic arm. Having it up against something solid makes it easy to push with one fumbling with the mic arm trying to squeeze a button. Down side is if the headset doesn't fit snugly in your ear, you have a tendancy to push it in and sometimes hit the disconnect button. The solution is to use an ear piece that fits snug or grab the mic arm to push in on it.

On big weakness of this headset design is the multi-function power switch. As one other reviewer pointed out, you really have to remove the headset to use it. This isn't a big deal when turning the headset on or off due to its auto-standy feature (which is nice), but this switch also controls the volume and mute. Attempting to use these features when wearing the headset is usually unsuccessful because the switch is so small it's hard to find and there's little or no tactile feedback. If you do manage to find and manipulate it, the headset usually becomes dislodged from your ear and you have to refit it. I've just resorted to using the volume and mute control on my phone.

The auto-standby feature automatically puts the headset in standby mode to preserve the battery when not in use for ? minutes. When a call comes in, it activates by sounding a tone to alert you to the call which you can answer by pushing the connect button. This feature is not unique to this headset.

Last negative is I sometimes get clicking noises in the headset. I don't know if this is the phone or the headset, but it can be very irritating especially if you need the volume up loud to overcome background noise. However, I have experienced the same thing, but worse, with other BT headsets, e.g. Motorola.

Having pointed out all the negatives, I've tried both the Motorola 850 and 500 and this Plantronics peforms better for less money.


By S. B. Gould (Mid West, USA) - This is my second BlueTooth headset, after a Jabra, and is a definite improvement. Crystal clear sound, good range and is very comfortable to wear. Has quite stellar sound cancellation too.

I am not a big fan of devices which stick in your ear canal and the Voyager uses a different approach with various size foam pads that rest against the opening in your ear, but not in it.

Other reviewers have made comment about the size of the power button. Yes, it is small and odd-shaped, but who cares? It's easy enough to use unless you have very odd shaped hands and no thumb.

Now to the issue of battery life. Plantronics claim days, other users have reported hours of life. I believe I have figured out why this occurs. I use this headset with a Nokia 6600 and found that if you terminate the call with the phone instead of the headset, the headset remains connected to the phone via BlueTooth, draining the battery even when not on a call. If you terminate a call with the button on the headset, it will break the BlueTooth connection with the phone (after a couple of minutes) and you will get the days of battery life Plantronics claim. To remake the connection, you have to press the button on the side of the headset - the connection may take several seconds to hook up. Not sure if this is a bug with the BlueTooth protocol, the phone, or the headset. Personally, I have found that BlueTooth is not a very well implemented protocol by most manufacturers.

In summary, well worth buying, especially at the bargain prices it is currently being offered at.

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